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Frantisek Belfín Net Worth

How rich is Frantisek Belfín?

Frantisek Belfín net worth:
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Frantisek Belfín information

Frantisek Belfín information

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Frantisek Belfín profile links


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Music Department

Music Department

Scars of the Past 1958 conductor
The Black Battalion 1958 conductor
Today for the Last Time 1958 conductor
Mezi zemí a nebem 1958 conductor
The Flood 1958 conductor
Safebreakers 1958 conductor
The Deadly Invention 1958 conductor
Vlcí jáma 1958 conductor
Against All 1958 conductor
A Local Romance 1958 conductor
Cubs 1958 conductor
Rocník 21 1958 conductor
I Dutifully Report 1958 conductor
At the Terminus 1957 conductor
Bomba 1957 conductor
Florenc 13:30 1957 conductor
Jurásek 1957 conductor
Legenda o lásce 1957 conductor
Nez se rozhrne opona 1957 conductor
Brankár bydlí v nasí ulici 1957 conductor
Padelek 1957 conductor
School for Fathers 1957 conductor
Dobrý voják Svejk 1957 conductor
Friday Morning 1957 Short conductor
Posledná bosorka 1957 conductor
Jan Zizka 1957 conductor
The False Prince 1957 conductor
The Girl Robinson Crusoe 1957 conductor
Advent 1957 conductor
The Lost Track 1956 conductor
Life Was the Stake 1956 conductor
Doggie and Three 1956 conductor
Infidelity 1956 conductor
Rudá záre nad Kladnem 1956 conductor
Muz v povetri 1956 conductor
The Strakonice Bagpiper 1955 conductor
The Tank Brigade 1955 orchestra director
The Windy Mountain 1955 conductor
Z mého zivota 1955 conductor
Kavárna na hlavní tríde 1954 musical director
The Third Prince 1983 conductor
Srdecny pozdrav ze zemekoule 1983 conductor
Faunovo velmi pozdní odpoledne 1983 conductor
S tebou me baví svet 1983 conductor
Bicianka z doliny 1981 TV Movie conductor
The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians 1981 conductor
Úteky domu 1980 conductor
Love Between the Raindrops 1980 conductor
Poprask na silnici E 4 1980 conductor
And I'll Run to the Ends of the Earth 1979 conductor
Bozská Ema 1979 musical director
Kocicí princ 1979 conductor
Ball Lightning 1979 conductor
Písen o stromu a ruzi 1979 conductor
Arabela 1979 TV Series conductor - 13 episodes
Pod Jezevci skalou 1978 conductor
Adéla jeste nevecerela 1978 conductor
Let Him Face the Music! 1978 conductor
Why Not Believe in Miracles? 1978 conductor
The Sorcerer's Apprentice 1978 conductor
Christmas Wafer 1977 TV Movie conductor
Ikaruv pád 1977 TV Movie conductor
I Wouldn't Leave Tereza for Any Other Girl 1976 conductor
The Little Mermaid 1976 conductor
Secluded, Near Woods 1976 conductor
Cirkus v cirkuse 1976 conductor
Pomerancový kluk 1976 conductor
Dorotka a jezibaba 1975 Short conductor - as Fr. Belfín
The Cottagers 1975 TV Series conductor - 11 episodes
Sirius 1975 conductor
Holky z porcelánu 1975 conductor
The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad 1974 Short conductor
The Sixth Voyage of Sinbad 1974 Short conductor
A Thousand and One Nights 1974 conductor
Do zbrane kuruci! 1974 conductor
Adam a Otka 1974 conductor
The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad 1973 Short conductor
The Fourth Voyage of Sinbad 1973 Short conductor
The Third Voyage of Sinbad 1973 Short conductor
Zlá noc 1973 conductor
Maturita za skolou 1973 conductor - segment "'Básník' and 'Reprezentant'"
Známost sestry Aleny 1973 conductor
Láska 1973 conductor
Days of Betrayal 1973 conductor
The Second Voyage of Sinbad 1972 Short conductor
Six Bears and a Clown 1972 conductor
Morgiana 1972 conductor
Pan Tau 1970-1972 TV Series conductor - 13 episodes
Field Lilies 1972 conductor
The Voyage of Sinbad 1971 Short conductor
Princ Bajaja 1971 conductor
Four Murders Are Enough, Darling 1971 conductor
Svatby pana Voka 1971 conductor
You Are a Widow, Sir 1971 conductor
Adagio 1970 conductor
Adrift 1970 conductor
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders 1970 conductor
The Guard 1970 conductor
Fruit of Paradise 1970 conductor
Ezop 1970 conductor
Adelheid 1970 conductor
The Sinful People of Prague 1968-1970 TV Series conductor - 13 episodes
Slávnost v botanickej záhrade 1969 conductor
The Seventh Day, the Eighth Night 1969 conductor
Flirt se slecnou Stribrnou 1969 conductor
The Lanfier Colony 1969 conductor
The End of a Priest 1969 conductor
The Cremator 1969 conductor
Honor and Glory 1968 conductor
The Marathon 1968 conductor
The Red Shed 1968 conductor
Na Zizkove válecném voze 1968 conductor: Filmový symfonický orchestr
Capricious Summer 1968 conductor
Valley of the Bees 1968 musical director
Pensión pro svobodné pány 1968 musical director
I, Justice 1968 musical director
Demons Are Calling 1968 musical director
Dita Saxová 1968 musical director
Shame 1967 conductor / musical director
The Nun's Night 1967 musical director
Marketa Lazarová 1967 musical director
The House of Lost Souls 1967 musical director
The End of Agent W4C 1967 conductor
Sign of the Cancer 1967 conductor
Two Years' Vacation 1967 conductor
Grandpa, Kylian and I 1967 conductor
The Treasure of a Byzantine Merchant 1967 conductor
Martin Speaking 1966 conductor
Master Executioner 1966 conductor
The Pipes 1966 conductor
The Phantom of Morrisville 1966 conductor
Two Tigers 1966 conductor
Searching 1966 conductor
Alibi on the Lake 1965 conductor
Long Live the Republic 1965 conductor
Futbol 1965 conductor
Hop Pickers 1965 conductor
An Unusual Class 1965 conductor
Chance Meeting 1965 conductor
Tales About Children 1965 conductor
Hvezda zvaná Pelynek 1964 conductor
The Chintamani Carpet and a Swindler 1964 conductor
A Jester's Tale 1964 musical director
Passing Through a Thick Forest 1964 conductor
A Fresh Start 1964 conductor
Doctor's Fairytale 1963 Short conductor
We Were Ten 1963 conductor
On the Tightrope 1963 conductor
Voyage to the End of the Universe 1963 conductor
The King of Kings 1963 conductor
When the Cat Comes 1963 conductor
Horoucí srdce 1963 conductor
Little Mole 1963 TV Series conductor - 1 episode
Blbec z Xeenemunde 1962 conductor
Kocár nejsvetejsí svátosti 1962 TV Movie conductor: Filmový symfonický orchestr
The Black Dynasty 1962 conductor
White Clouds 1962 conductor
The Outrageous Baron Munchausen 1962 conductor
The Devil's Trap 1962 conductor
The Stress of Youth 1962 conductor
Orange Moon 1962 conductor
Florián 1961 conductor
Looking for a Daddy 1961 conductor
Osení 1961 conductor
August Sunday 1961 conductor: Filmový symfonický orchestr
Telltales 1961 conductor
Policejní hodina 1961 conductor
Waltz for a Million 1961 conductor
Spring Breeze 1961 conductor
Bílá spona 1960 conductor
Páté oddelení 1960 conductor
Pochodne 1960 conductor
The Lupinek Case 1960 conductor
People Live Here Too 1960 conductor
Lidé jako ty 1960 conductor
První parta 1960 orchestrator
Skid 1960 conductor
The White Dove 1960 conductor
Three Tons of Dust 1960 conductor
Higher Principle 1960 conductor
Rehearsal Continue 1960 conductor
U nás v Mechové 1960 conductor: Filmový symfonický orchestr
Darbuján a Pandrhola 1960 conductor
When the Woman Butts In 1960 conductor
Konec cesty 1960 conductor
Awakening 1960 conductor
The Camera Cops 1960 conductor
Great Solitude 1960 conductor
The Princess with the Golden Star 1959 conductor
The Circle 1959 conductor
A Suburban Villa 1959 conductor
Bitter Love 1959 conductor
Osklivá slecna 1959 conductor
Cesta zpátky 1959 conductor
Death in the Saddle 1959 conductor
The Lost Gun 1959 conductor
Of Things Supernatural 1959 conductor
Dreams for Sunday 1958 conductor
Morálka paní Dulské 1958 conductor
Obcan Brych 1958 conductor



The Sorcerer's Apprentice 1978
Charlie Needs a Cloak 1977 Short
Strega Nona 1977 Short as Francesco Belfino
The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad 1974 Short
The Sixth Voyage of Sinbad 1974 Short
A Thousand and One Nights 1974
The Beast of Monsieur Racine 1974 Short as François Belfín
The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad 1973 Short
The Fourth Voyage of Sinbad 1973 Short
The Third Voyage of Sinbad 1973 Short
Changes, Changes 1973 Short
Saty 1972 TV Movie
The Second Voyage of Sinbad 1972 Short
The Voyage of Sinbad 1971 Short
Five Girls Around the Neck 1967
Dve klubícka 1962 Short as F. Belfín
Cecílie 470 1961 Short
Medved a strasidla 1960
Jak se Franta naucil bát 1959 Short

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