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Jackson Beck information

Jackson Beck information

Birth date: July 23, 1912, New York City, New York, United States
Death date: July 28, 2004, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States
Birth place: Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Spouse:Bernice Beck (m. ?–1986)
Parents:Max Beck

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Jackson Beck profile links

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Jackson Beck was born on July 23, 1912 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for Take the Money and Run (1969), Cry Uncle (1971) and G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1983). He was married to Bernice. He died on July 28, 2004 in Manhattan. Wikipedia

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Beaus Will Be Beaus 1955 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Bicep Built for Two 1955 Short Big Muscular Cat (voice, uncredited)
Git Along Li'l Duckie 1955 Short Fox (voice, uncredited)
Penny Antics 1955 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Nurse to Meet Ya 1955 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Cookin' with Gags 1955 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Baby Huey 1954 Fox (voice, uncredited)
No Ifs, Ands or Butts 1954 Short Buzzy (voice, uncredited)
Rail Rodents 1954 Short Dog (voice, uncredited)
Private Eye Popeye 1954 Short Butler (voice, uncredited)
Fido Beta Kappa 1954 Short Hunter (voice, uncredited)
Fright to the Finish 1954 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Greek Mirthology 1954 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Candy Cabaret 1954 Short Butterscotch / Sourball (voice, uncredited)
Taxi-Turvy 1954 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet 1954 TV Series Narrator
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 1954 Short Buzzy (voice, uncredited)
Popeye's 20th Anniversary 1954 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
The Seapreme Court 1954 Short Judge (voice, uncredited)
Boo Moon 1954 Short King Luna / Moon People (voice, uncredited)
Floor Flusher 1954 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Shaving Muggs 1953 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Popeye, the Ace of Space 1953 Short Martians (voice, uncredited)
Firemen's Brawl 1953 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Baby Wants a Battle 1953 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Surf Bored 1953 Short Lifeguard (voice, uncredited)
By the Old Mill Scream 1953 Short Ghost / Beaver (voice, uncredited)
The Plymouth Playhouse 1953 TV Series Narrator
Toreadorable 1953 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Better Bait Than Never 1953 Short Buzzy (voice, uncredited)
Herman the Catoonist 1953 Short Cartoonist (voice, uncredited)
Philharmaniacs 1953 Short Conductor Lion (voice, uncredited)
Spook No Evil 1953 Short Pirate Ghost (voice, uncredited)
Starting from Hatch 1953 Short Fox (voice, uncredited)
Ancient Fistory 1953 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Child Sockology 1953 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Hysterical History 1953 Short Narrator / Native-American Reporter / John Alden (voice, uncredited)
Big Bad Sindbad 1952 Short Sindbad (voice, uncredited)
Shuteye Popeye 1952 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Popalong Popeye 1952 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Clown on the Farm 1952 Short Fox (voice, uncredited)
Gag and Baggage 1952 Short Narrator / Desparado / Train Announcer / ... (voice, uncredited)
Dizzy Dinosaurs 1952 Short Narrator / Caveman (voice, uncredited)
Friend or Phony 1952 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Swimmer Take All 1952 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Living in a Metropolis 1952 Short Commentator
The Awful Tooth 1952 Short Buzzy (voice, uncredited)
Ghost of the Town 1952 Short Ghost Aircraft Leader / Walter Winchell / Mayor (voice, uncredited)
Cat Carson Rides Again 1952 Short Herman's Cousin (voice, uncredited)
Lunch with a Punch 1952 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
The Deep Boo Sea 1952 Short Ghost Schoolmaster (voice, uncredited)
Snooze Reel 1952 Short Narrator / Judge / Singing Cowboy (voice, uncredited)
Scout Fellow 1951 Short Fox (voice, uncredited)
Punch and Judo 1951 Short Radio Announcer / Fighter (voice, uncredited)
Audrey the Rainmaker 1951 Short Rainmaker (voice, uncredited)
Let's Stalk Spinach 1951 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Cat-Choo 1951 Short Buzzy (voice, uncredited)
Casper Comes to Clown 1951 Short Ringmaster (voice, uncredited)
Party Smarty 1951 Short Fox (voice, uncredited)
Boo Scout 1951 Short Scout Leader (voice, uncredited)
Double-Cross-Country Race 1951 Short Count Noah Count (voice, uncredited)
To Boo or Not to Boo 1951 Short Narrator / Little Boy / Clown (voice, uncredited)
As the Crow Lies 1951 Short Buzzy (voice, uncredited)
Alpine for You 1951 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Land of Lost Watches 1951 Short Red Lantern / King Findall / Doctor (voice, uncredited)
Drippy Mississippi 1951 Short Gambling Boat (voice, uncredited)
Boo Hoo Baby 1951 Short Cop (voice, uncredited)
Vacation with Play 1951 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
One Quack Mind 1951 Short Fox (voice, uncredited)
Sock-a-Bye Kitty 1950 Short Buzzy (voice, uncredited)
Once Upon a Rhyme 1950 Short Narrator / Spider / Wolfie (voice, uncredited)
The Farmer and the Belle 1950 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Fresh Yeggs 1950 Short Wolfie (voice, uncredited)
Casper's Spree Under the Sea 1950 Short Ghost Leader / Fish Fair Barker / Fisherman (voice, uncredited)
Quick on the Vigor 1950 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Cassino to Korea 1950 Documentary Commentator
Baby Wants Spinach 1950 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Helter Swelter 1950 Short Sun / Ant (voice, uncredited)
Popeye Makes a Movie 1950 Short Bluto (Abu Hassan) (voice, uncredited)
Jitterbug Jive 1950 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Tarts and Flowers 1950 Short Gingerbread Man / Devil's Food Cakeman / Radio Announcer (voice, uncredited)
Jingle, Jangle, Jungle 1950 Short Narrator (voice, uncredited)
Beach Peach 1950 Short Lifeguard (voice, uncredited)
Gym Jam 1950 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
How Green Is My Spinach 1950 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Land of the Lost Jewels 1950 Short Red Lantern (voice, uncredited)
Barking Dogs Don't Fite 1949 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Leprechauns Gold 1949 Short Narrator / Leprechaun Leader (voice, uncredited)
Marriage Wows 1949 Short Edgar Elephant / Lion (voice, uncredited)
Silly Hillbilly 1949 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Tar with a Star 1949 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Gobs of Fun 1949 Short Mouse Captain (voice, uncredited)
A Balmy Swami 1949 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Toys Will Be Toys 1949 Short Town Crier (voice, uncredited)
Campus Capers 1949 Short Knucklehead (voice, uncredited)
Hot Air Aces 1949 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
The Ski's the Limit 1949 Short Narrator (voice)
A Mutt in a Rut 1949 Short Saint Bernard / Bulldog Angel (voice, uncredited)
Lumberjack and Jill 1949 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
The Lost Dream 1949 Short Sandman / Devil (laughing) (voice, uncredited)
Hep Cat Symphony 1949 Short Reading Cat (voice, uncredited)
Symphony in Spinach 1948 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Robin Hood-Winked 1948 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
The Mite Makes Right 1948 Short Doctor (voice, uncredited)
Snow Place Like Home 1948 Short Pierre Bluto (voice, uncredited)
A Wolf in Sheik's Clothing 1948 Short Sheik (voice, uncredited)
Camptown Races 1948 Short Elephant (voice, uncredited)
Popeye Meets Hercules 1948 Short Hercules / Narrator / Greek God (voice, uncredited)
Sing or Swim 1948 Short Moon (voice, uncredited)
Land of the Lost 1948 Short Red Lantern / King Knife / Dirty Dirk (voice, uncredited)
Winter Draws On 1948 Short Buzzy / Southern Gentleman Statue (voice, uncredited)
Wigwam Whoopee 1948 Short Chief (voice, uncredited)
Little Brown Jug 1948 Short Piggy (voice, uncredited)
Olive Oyl for President 1948 Short Fat Candidate (voice, uncredited)
The Dog Show-Off 1948 Short Dog Show Judge (voice, uncredited)
Base Brawl 1948 Short Commentator (voice, uncredited)
The Cold War: Act 1 - France 1948 Short Commentator
All's Fair at the Fair 1947 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Super Lulu 1947 Short Lulu's Father / Giant (voice, uncredited)
Safari So Good 1947 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Wotta Knight 1947 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Popeye and the Pirates 1947 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
The Royal Four-Flusher 1947 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
The Mild West 1947 Short Skeleton / Native-Americans / Cowboys (voice, uncredited)
The Wee Men 1947 Short Narrator / Leprechauns (voice, uncredited)
Cad and Caddy 1947 Short Golfer (voice, uncredited)
I'll Be Skiing Ya 1947 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
The Enchanted Square 1947 Short Officer Flanagan (voice, uncredited)
Abusement Park 1947 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
The Stupidstitious Cat 1947 Short Buzzy (voice, uncredited)
A Scout with the Gout 1947 Short Lulu's Father (voice, uncredited)
Musica-Lulu 1947 Short Lulu's Father / Drum (voice, uncredited)
The Island Fling 1946 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
The Fistic Mystic 1946 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Chick and Double Chick 1946 Short Lulu's Father / Cat (voice, uncredited)
Rodeo Romeo 1946 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Rocket to Mars 1946 Short Martian Leader (voice, uncredited)
Sheep Shape 1946 Short El Clippo Owner (voice, uncredited)
Peep in the Deep 1946 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Klondike Casanova 1946 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Loose in a Caboose 1946 Short Conductor (voice, uncredited)
Tomorrow's Mexico 1946 Short Commentator
Service with a Guile 1946 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
House Tricks? 1946 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Bored of Education 1946 Short Mr. Tibbs (voice, uncredited)
Cheese Burglar 1946 Short Dog (voice, uncredited)
Bargain Counter Attack 1946 Short Section Manager (voice, uncredited)
Man's Pest Friend 1945 Short Dogcatcher (voice, uncredited)
18 Million Orphans 1945 Short Narrator
Mess Production 1945 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
A Self-Made Mongrel 1945 Short Dogface (voice, uncredited)
Snap Happy 1945 Short Photographer (voice, uncredited)
For Better or Nurse 1945 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Daffidilly Daddy 1945 Short Lulu's Father (voice, uncredited)
Shape Ahoy 1945 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Tops in the Big Top 1945 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Gabriel Churchkitten 1944 Short Pastor (voice, uncredited)
She-Sick Sailors 1944 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Yankee Doodle Donkey 1944 Short Bulldog Sergeant / Flea Leader / Fleas (voice, uncredited)
Lulu at the Zoo 1944 Short Zookeeper / Guide (voice, uncredited)
Pitchin' Woo at the Zoo 1944 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Puppet Love 1944 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
The Anvil Chorus Girl 1944 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Secret Agent 1943 Short Narrator / Police Chief / Nazi Saboteurs (voice, uncredited)
The Underground World 1943 Short Narrator / Henderson (voice, uncredited)
Jungle Drums 1943 Short Narrator (voice, uncredited)
The Mummy Strikes 1943 Short Narrator / Professor (voice, uncredited)
Destruction Inc. 1942 Short Narrator (voice, uncredited)
Eleventh Hour 1942/I Short Narrator (voice, uncredited)
Showdown 1942 Short Narrator (voice, uncredited)
Japoteurs 1942 Short Narrator (voice, uncredited)
Terror on the Midway 1942 Short Narrator (voice, uncredited)
Volcano 1942 Short Narrator / Officer / Professor (voice, uncredited)
Electric Earthquake 1942 Short Narrator / Indian Scientist (voice, uncredited)
The Magnetic Telescope 1942 Short Narrator (voice, uncredited)
The Bulleteers 1942 Short Narrator / Bulleteer (voice, uncredited)
The Arctic Giant 1942 Short Narrator (voice, uncredited)
Billion Dollar Limited 1942 Short Narrator (voice, uncredited)
The Mechanical Monsters 1941 Short Narrator (voice, uncredited)
Superman 1941 Short Narrator (voice, uncredited)
Casper and Wendy's Ghostly Adventures 2002 Video King Luna / Moon People / Ghost Schoolmaster / ... (voice, uncredited)
G.I. Joe: Operation Dragonfire 1989 TV Mini-Series Narrator
Superman 50th Anniversary 1988 TV Movie documentary Announcer
G.I. Joe: The Movie 1987 Video Narrator (voice)
Radio Days 1987 Radio Voice (voice)
G.I. Joe 1985-1986 TV Series Narrator
Power 1986 Jackson Beck - The Voice
Remington Steele 1985 TV Series Narrator
G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra 1984 TV Mini-Series Narrator (voice)
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 1983 TV Mini-Series Announcer (voice)
Cry Uncle 1971 Narrator (voice)
Take the Money and Run 1969 The Narrator (voice)
The Batman/Superman Hour 1968 TV Series Lex Luthor / Perry White (voice)
The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure 1967 TV Series Superman Narrator / Perry White (voice)
The New Adventures of Superman 1966 TV Series Narrator (voice)
Gene Hattree: The Trap 1966 TV Short Tortilla Fats (voice, uncredited)
Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales 1963-1964 TV Series King Leonardo / Biggy Rat / Professor Messer / ...
A Sight for Squaw Eyes 1963 Short Indian Chief (voice, uncredited)
Tom Thumb and Little Red Riding Hood 1962 Kidnapper (English version, voice, uncredited)
Cane and Able 1961 Short Honest Ace Palmer (voice, uncredited)
King Leonardo and His Short Subjects 1960-1961 TV Series King Leonardo / Biggy Rat / Professor Messer / ...
Goodie, the Gremlin 1961 Short Gremlins / Car Salesman / Fred (voice, uncredited)
Popeye the Sailor 1960-1961 TV Series Brutus / Professor / Narrator / ...
Shootin' Stars 1960 Short Wild Bill Hiccup (voice, uncredited)
From Dime to Dime 1960 Short Cook / Door Man / Blackjack Dealer / ... (voice, uncredited)
Out of This Whirl 1959 Short TV Announcer (voice, uncredited)
Katnip's Big Day 1959 Short Buzzy / Spike (voice, uncredited)
T.V. Fuddlehead 1959 Short Horror Show Host / Early Show Host / Neighbor / ... (voice, uncredited)
Matty's Funnies with Beany and Cecil 1959 TV Series Additional Voices (voice)
Steve Canyon 1958-1959 TV Series Announcer
Down to Mirth 1959 Short Tour Guide / Scientists / Radio Newsman / ... (voice, uncredited)
Fit to Be Toyed 1959 Short J.G. (voice, uncredited)
Dawg Gawn 1958 Short Dogcatcher (voice, uncredited)
Chew Chew Baby 1958 Short Harry (voice, uncredited)
Finnegan's Flea 1958 Short Bartender (voice, uncredited)
Ghost Writers 1958 Short Cartoon Writer / Carnival Barker (voice, uncredited)
Grateful Gus 1958 Short Radio News Man (voice, uncredited)
Jolly the Clown 1957 Short Ringmaster (voice, uncredited)
Jumping with Toy 1957 Short Fox (voice, uncredited)
That Night! 1957 Man on Train
Ghost of Honor 1957 Short TV Commentator / Cartoon Story Man / Cartoonist (voice, uncredited)
Spree Lunch 1957 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
The Crystal Brawl 1957 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Nearlyweds 1957 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Lion in the Roar 1956 Short Giraffe (voice, uncredited)
A Haul in One 1956 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
I Don't Scare 1956 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Fright from Wrong 1956 Short Ghost #2 (voice, uncredited)
Parlez Vous Woo 1956 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Pedro and Lorenzo 1956 Short Pedro's Papa (voice, uncredited)
Assault and Flattery 1956 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Out to Punch 1956 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Swab the Duck 1956 Short Fox (voice, uncredited)
Popeye for President 1956 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
The Edge of Night 1956 TV Series Willie Saffire (1968-1969)
Sleuth But Sure 1956 Short Moe Hare (voice, uncredited)
Boo Kind to Animals 1955 Short Ringmaster / Army Recruiter / Wounded Soldier (voice, uncredited)
A Job for a Gob 1955 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Cops Is Tops 1955 Short Bank Robber / Swimmer Masher (voice, uncredited)
Red White and Boo 1955 Short Professor / Redcoat (screaming) (voice, uncredited)
Little Audrey Riding Hood 1955 Short Burglar (voice, uncredited)
Mister and Mistletoe 1955 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)
Car-azy Drivers 1955 Short voice, uncredited
Bull Fright 1955 Short Pancho's Papa (voice, uncredited)
News Hound 1955 Short City Editor / General Barker (voice, uncredited)
Gift of Gag 1955 Short Bluto (voice, uncredited)



Operation: Lifeline 1979 TV Series documentary Narrator
Young Doctor Sam 1949 Documentary short Himself - Narrator
On Stage! 1949 Documentary short Narrator
Roaring Wheels 1948 Documentary short Narrator
Charade Quiz 1947 TV Series Himself / panelist
End of an Empire? 1947 Documentary short Narrator
Is Everybody Listening? 1947 Documentary short Narrator
Germany - Handle with Care! 1947 Documentary short Narrator
Is Everybody Happy? 1946 Documentary short Narrator
Task Force 1943 Documentary short Narrator
Show-Business at War 1943 Documentary short Narrator (voice, uncredited)
Battlefields of the Pacific 1941 Documentary short Commentator
The Movies March On 1939 Short documentary Narrator
Inside Nazi Germany 1938 Documentary short Narrator
The March of Time: Volume 1, Number 5 1937 Documentary short Narrator

Archive Footage

Archive Footage

Today Tonight 2009 TV Series Bluto
Camps of Death 1983 Video documentary Narrator (segment "Death: A Nazi War Criminal Pays for His Crime")
Sportickles 1958 Short Narrator (uncredited)
Spinach vs Hamburgers 1948 Short Bluto (uncredited)

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1 He had a stepson, Leslie Winter.
2 Profiled in "Old-Time Radio Memories" by Mel Simons (BearManor Media).
3 He was the voice of Popeye's nemesis Bluto in over 300 cartoons, portrayed the Cisco Kid, and impersonated world leaders in "The March of Time", a weekly reenactment of news stories. He made many television commercials, and worked well into his 80s.
4 A founding member of the American Federation of Radio Artists. The union merged with the Television Authority to become the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.
5 Portrayed the title character on the syndicated radio show "Philo Vance" (1948-1950).
6 For over 20 years he has been the spokesperson and voice of Caesar Jr. on the Little Caesar Pizza commercials.
7 Among his other accomplishments, he was the voice that introduced each episode of "Superman", both on radio and on TV.

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